Frutoriente - Tributo
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We are the dream of Colombians that believe in our land, the beauty of its geography, the fertility of its soil, the value of its people. Frutoriente cultivates fine cacaos and tropical fruits, using clean agricultural practices, chemical free, and contaminant products free, harvesting with respect and admiration for the fertility of our land, processing in an artisan way, taking care of the environment and guaranteeing the auto sustainability of the cultivations in a natural way, Frutoriente transforms for you, the harvests that were born being flowers in an exquisite product.


We will be recognized as an entrepreneuring company, identified with innovation and creativity, with simplicity and elegance, exalting our cultural traditions, biodiversity and race beyond frontiers, leaving a legacy and appreciation for our future generations.


Satisfying our client’s needs, creating products and services in accordance to prices expectations, being the most efficient way so that through our products the brands of our clients are highly remembered.


Respect for the conservation of our biodiversity and cultural patrimony.
Responsibility on punctuality and care for the details of our products. Commitment for the constant growth of the parties concerned: Clients, collaborators, the environment and society.


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corporate clients satisfied


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