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We are the dream of Colombians that believe in our land, the beauty of its geography, the fertility of its soil, the value of its people. Frutoriente cultivates fine cacaos and tropical fruits, using clean agricultural practices, chemical free, and contaminant products free, harvesting with respect and admiration for the fertility of our land, processing in an artisan way, taking care of the environment and guaranteeing the auto sustainability of the cultivations in a natural way, Frutoriente transforms for you, the harvests that were born being flowers in an exquisite product.

We create for you, your family, friends and clients the ideal alternative to express the feelings and gratefulness through deluxe formats with handcrafted gourmet products, highlighting the quality of the work, the development of its people and the respect for the land.

A 100% Colombian Chocolate

The History of Tributo Cacao

In the warm hills that border the Apulo river, and the zone of Tequedama, between 1000 and 700 meters above sea level, we harvest the fruit that is born being a flower to convert it in an exquisite product. Fine cacao of aroma that has been cultivated in harmony with the environment and processed trying to revive the ancestral practices.

We create for you, your family, friends and clients the ideal alternative to express the feelings and gratefulness through deluxe formats with handcrafted gourmet products. We are the best way to transmit a feeling of admiration and respect with social sense.


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A 100% Colombian Coffee

The History of Tributo Coffee

One of the most important manifestations of our cultural identity is “Our coffee” the best soft coffee in the world, selected beans in the different zones of our country are finely processed and brought in deluxe packagings to accompany the most elegant colorful presentations, aromas and flavors; Special range coffees invite you to remember warm moments, relaxing, stimulating.


Selected Coffees of the Premium Range:
Associated with guilds of farmers we offered special origin coffees, from selected bean from the best harvests.

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The History of Tributo Fruits

The History of Tributo Frutas

Flavors and colors, our biodiversity allows us to offer a selected variety of fruits, that in equilibrium with the environment are a rich natural food; Berries, yellow and green fruits are dehydrated and accompany aromatic beverages in infusion and collagen, that provide health benefits. You can also find them with subtle touches of fine chocolate, as an exquisite snack and healthy for every moment.

Dehydrated Fruits. These are specially harvested and processed by Frutoriente, presented in an exquisite and healthy way; Dehydrated tropical fruits (Mango or Pineapple) Dehydrated tropical fruits with chocolate (Mango and pineapple sprayed with semi bitter chocolate) Dehydrated fruits in aromatic infusion with collagen (berries, yellow and green fruits).


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